Life on Fire #1

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Hello and welcome to the Life on Fire web blog by Ignite!

It is our pleasure to give you an inside look into life as a fire artist. Whether you're a client, fan or fellow artist we will be sure to put out content worth your while. Life On Fire is all about pursuing your passions, doing epic shit, and empowering those around you. You can probably take a guess at what we are passionate about here at Ignite. ;) Much like the rest of mankind, we are fascinated by the element of fire! On the surface, we may seem like a bunch of crazy pyros who throw caution to the wind but I can assure you; our love for fire goes much deeper than that! Don't get me wrong, we certainly are a bunch of crazy pyros! The fundamental difference is that we put the utmost priority on safety and no risk we take has not been carefully calculated in advance.

While working as lead medic recently at a fire & movement arts event in Tennessee called E.M.B.E.R; I picked up a saying from my Co-lead Jeff "Pixels" that I absolutely love. He gave me a button he made that read "Have Fun, Don't Die". I would be damned if I didn't say how perfectly that statement encapsulates my philosophy on life. Not to mention how appropriate that button is for medical staff to wear at an event dedicated to such dangerous pastimes. I have adopted this saying as if it were an ancient Chinese proverb, serving as a gentle reminder not to forget what is really at stake in this profession.

Lucky for you, dear reader, I have no doubt that my 10 years of fire arts & safety experience will help me stay alive long enough to keep you entertained for a while. You might have noticed the strange molecule in the background of the image posted above. There seems to have been a trend recently where people get tattoos of favorite chemicals compounds. Tattoos of things like Dopamine, Serotonin & love can be found on at least one person at any given music festival. I've recently decided that the only chemical I'm especially fond of is Adrenaline. For folks like us that specialize in dangerous activities; adrenaline is our saving grace. It helps us focus, push through the pain and accomplish some amazing feats! Which is exactly why adrenaline gets the seat of honor at our table and why I have chosen it to represent this blog series.

Now that I have given you guys a proper welcome and introduction to this blog; let me give y'all an idea of what's to come! Remember that event I mentioned earlier? Well, the founder Shayne Mastriano and I had the pleasure of getting a behind the scenes look at an all-access pass for the shenanigans at that event. This included getting to set up an interactive fire art installation (magic fire sandbox), setting up a fireworks show, inciting a wizard war (epic Roman candle battle), showcasing our new pyrotechnics composition "PSYCHO-PODIUM", hanging out with world record holding and internationally renowned artists as well as getting initiated into the ranks of one of America's Premier Fire Breathing and Fire Eating Clubs "The Firecocks" ( to be initiated we had to pass 3 advanced tests of fire skill LIVE in front of the entire festival and we have the video to prove it)!

So stay tuned! In the next edition of Life on Fire, we will be doing a full event recap with pictures and video as well as interviewing its founder (Zeus Bigelow)

Yours Truly,

Levi "Sirreal" Morin

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